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Your personal details will not be shared with third parties and you will only be contacted in relation to the free audit as advertised. You will need to provide us with access to your website as well as your Google Search Console in order for us to provide a detailed audit of your website. By continuing to section two your are agreeing with the terms and conditions as set out on the Clarence website.

Section two
Is your website responsive or mobile friendly?

Whether you’re selling to consumers or to other businesses, the majority of user journeys start on a mobile. So much so that many businesses are choosing to go for a “Mobile First” design. Remember mobiles come in many shapes and sizes with Android and iOS being the most dominant operating systems and let’s not forget about Tablets too! You may also want to consider creating a Native Application for your customers.

Section three
Have you thought carefully about the content of your website?

Content helps search engines determine what your business is about. Using keywords that are relevant to what your potential customers are searching for will help your website move up in the search rankings. Content does not only apply to the main text on the site, but also includes certain text that is part of the coding of the website. Keyword cramming is more likely to harm your site rather than help it and remember, context is just as important as the content itself.

Section four
Do you track your keyword rankings?

The ranking of keywords that drive customers from search engines to your website is a great indicator of how well your website is performing and the potential it has to bring you more traffic. More traffic inevitably will lead to more customers and more purchases. Of course knowing which keywords to target is a skill in its own right. Measuring the success of keyword rankings across platforms and geographic locations is invaluable.

Section five
Does your website have a 404 error page?

There maybe pages on your website that are no longer available, if a visitor lands on such a page they will see a 404 error message. It’s important that these pages are customised so that visitors are not put off. There are other structural problems that can occur on your website such as duplicate content, missing page titles and broken links to name a few. A regular website audit is essential to identify these issues and rectify them before search engines penalise your website.

Section six
Are there any harmful inbound links to your website?

Having inbound links from credible and relevant sites is still important. It helps search engines identify your website as a source of information on a particular subject. However, links from irrelevant sites or “link farms” are extremely harmful. Some websites have been so badly penalised by Google that they no longer appear in the search results. Identifying and removing these harmful links and notifying Google of this will put your website back on the right track.

Section seven
Does your website have an active blog?

Most of your customers will start their journey online by searching for a product or service using a search engine. They may type a question or a topic that is related to what they’re looking for. Having an active and rich blog that covers various topics of interest to your potential customers will ensure that you not only appear in the search results, but also catch their attention and draw them to your website.

Section eight
Does your business have active Facebook or Twitter accounts?

There are over a billion Facebook users around the globe and over 700 million of those access the site daily. With its sophisticated profiling Facebook allows you to target customer segments accurately. Let’s not forget about Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and many other Social Media platforms that have allowed business to reach customers and increase sales. Managing these pages professionally and constantly is the real challenge.

Section nine
Do you advertise with Google Adwords or other PPC advertising?

Depending on your industry, appearing in Organic search results may take a few months and even then you may not appear for every single phrase that you aspire to due to the shire size of the competition. Google Adwords as well as other PPC advertising and Display Networks allow you to reach your customers instantly. Successful campaigns depend on the quality of your landing pages, content and of course exceptional advertisement writing and customer targeting.

Section ten
Do you analyse your website visitor traffic and campaigns?

Understanding the sources of traffic to your website and measuring the success of your digital marketing campaigns is essential in helping you identify which online marketing initiatives are working and where to spend your budget. For example, why allocate the majority of your budget on Facebook when in fact Linkedin maybe the right channel for your business? Yes you may have received 1000s of likes on Facebook, but how many of them have converted into buyers? 

Section eleven
Are you currently using a Digital Marketing Agency?

At Clarence, we believe that digital marketing is an integral part of every business and because every business is unique, a successful Agency will tailor their services and align them to the needs of your business. We start by understanding your business challenges and devising and implementing SEO and Digital Marketing strategies that will help you beat your competitors online.