How to ensure the content on your site creates a buzz

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Ever been on a website and looked through the content, only to wonder whether there is any chance of getting the last five, ten, or even more minutes of your life back? Much of what is posted online is boring and doesn’t catch the eye. It may seem like a bold statement, but ask yourself this? How many articles that you have read over the past week or so can you really remember? How many stood out and caught your eye?

With so much dull material out there, it is easy for site owners to fall into the trap of accepting lifeless and boring content, just to pad out their pages. But if you go the extra difference and give your content that cutting edge, you may find the hits, visitors and money flooding in.

Standing out from the crowd

So you want to be different and make yourself heard above the crowd. But how do you actually go about doing that? There are a number of ways of giving your website that x factor to blow away the competition and increase engagement with readers.

Firstly, consider what makes your site unique and run with that. If yours is a run-of-the-mill website, think of what you can add to give it a fresh touch.

What is it that you are actually trying to achieve with both your business and the content you are publishing? Is it just filler, are you trying to promote interest in your site, or simply create a thought-provoking conversation? Regardless, it is important to stick to your initial aim, as a muddled approach will see little traffic.

Short and sweet, broken up with images

The most effective way of keeping readers interested and increasing the likelihood of them engaging is to break up text with images and screenshots. Nobody wants to read an essay online, especially if they are using their mobile. Images are handy ways of preventing huge blocks of text. 

The image should be relevant to the site and may offer another opportunity for engagement. For example, if you own a business selling t-shirts, why not use the image as a request for those who have bought one of your products to submit pictures of themselves wearing your t-shirts? How about that for quick and easy engagement?

Change the layout

Unfortunately for any budding writer looking to offer their two cents online, readers will more often than not scan pages, rather than actually read them. This makes it all the more important to ensure your layout isn’t an eyesore and doesn’t give the impression that a reader will struggle to make it through.

Keep your sentences short and to the point, covering all the information as clearly as possible without waffling. As Thomas Jefferson famously claimed, “never use two words when one will do.”

Meanwhile, structuring the page into shorter paragraphs with catchy or descriptive sub-headings will boost your SEO ratings, as well as make it easier for the reader.

Keep SEO at the forefront

Chances are, your content is looking to make itself heard in an already clogged up and competitive market. If your topic is one that has been covered several times before, particularly by some of the so-called big hitters in the industry, then you’ll need to find a way around them.

SEO can be your answer to that conundrum. Doing your research before putting pen to paper can pay dividends, and allow you to establish some key words. Once you know the right search terms, you should start to think about littering your title, sub-headings and general text with them as much as possible, without verging on the ridiculous. It is important to strike a healthy balance; if those key terms are popping up in every sentence, readers will cotton on and soon leave.

Think about what someone is likely to search for. Would your title come up within common search terms? If not, it’s time for a change. This is the best way to get yourself found online, and can help you rise up Google’s results rankings.

Great content can equal great site numbers

Bear in mind that having strong content is one of the most effective way of bringing users, and in turn, customers to your website. Knowing how to make whatever you choose to put on your site stand out is key; dull, lifeless and unoriginal content will turn people away.

Considering the SEO effects throughout will put you in the best position to reach a wider audience and bring in traffic, whilst breaking text up to make it short and sweet will keep readers interested. Your path towards better content, and a potential flood of traffic, starts here!