Gain the full picture of how your marketing channels are working together and influencing your users to convert. With attribution modeling and analysis, assess which channels give you the greatest ROI.

Attribution Marketing Optimises ROI


With ever­expanding marketing channels in the digital age, where we spend our money is the big question. Attribution modeling can help answer it. Attribution analysis allows you to measure a group of channels that contribute to your sales or conversions over time. Rather than just looking at the last ad clicked, we will look at all the touchpoints along the journey to conversion to understand the monetary influence each channel has.  


An attribution model can track the conversion path of a campaign to gain insight into its effectiveness and ultimately highlight a campaign’s ROI - you can understand where to spend your marketing budget more accurately. 


Attribution Modeling - Our Steps

Using your data, we can create custom attribution models to measure the monetary impact of your marketing campaigns against your business goals. Our tailored approach involves...  


Implement Tracking Tags 

We help you to find tracking solutions across all online marketing activity. This allows you to track your users along their individual customer journeys, gaining information as to how they interact with different marketing channels. 


Create Data-­Led Models 

We analyse your data and together create the most effective, multi­-channel marketing model for you ­ the set of rules that meet your business objectives. Some of the common attribution models used are:  


  • Linear Model  

A reputable way of gaining overall channel performance ­ this model attributes equal credit to all conversions involved in a conversion path. 


  • Time Decay Model  

A sophisticated approach and useful in understanding promotional periods - ­this model accredits touchpoints closer (in time) to the conversion path, i.e. the closer the touchpoint to conversion, the more influence it has.  


  • Position Model 

This model assigns the most credit to the first and last touchpoints in the conversion path, dividing the remaining credit equally to the channels in-­between.  



Analyse Data 

As well as setting up new reports, with your existing data we can already begin to analyse your performance against your business goals and define which attribution model is right for you.  


Test Models for Long-­Term Success 

For attribution to stay relevant, we will continually test and recalibrate your attribution model over extended periods of time so you can be confident your decisions are consistently working. An accurate model will ensure you continue to succeed and improve your ROI.  


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