Google Analytics

Web analytics allow you to understand your user - their demographic, behaviour and location. Using analytics tools and providing unique reports, we can help you leverage this data to optimise your website traffic

Insightful Data Drives Traffic


Your users are people, their every move is a piece of data. From their location to what device they’re using, they leave a footprint to be measured and nothing is more useful than understanding your website traffic. We have technical expertise in Google Analytics ­- we can track where they’re clicking, how long it took them to find what they needed and even understand why they might be leaving. 


Do you want to identify the sources of your traffic? Is it organic search or through social media?  Maybe you’re keen to understand exit rates or you need help to interpret that all­-important bounce rate. Our custom reports align to your business objectives, enabling you to develop useful insights to ensure you’re confident in your marketing decisions. 


Your Move To Data-Driven Marketing

User Behaviour 

We can allow you to measure every part of the customer journey - whether it’s what advert your user clicked on to reach your landing pages or which product caught their eye the most. Understanding how your user interacts with your site means you can improve it where it needs it most. We can make meaning of website views and give you actions to develop strategies.  


Custom Tracking 

You tell us your targets and we will create customised reports that track web metrics and analyse ROI to ensure your campaigns are at their most effective. We can then create dashboards to give you a clear picture of your overall site performance. 


Monthly Reporting 

We will set up the reports you need on a monthly basis (or more or less, depending on your requirements) based on your KPIs and targets. We can then help you to make sense of the data so you can accurately implement actions. We can include:  


  • Traffic Reports 

Learn how your users land on your site, where they come from and whether it was a result of your marketing campaigns. 


  • Site Content Reports 

Understand the content that’s keeping your users engaged and on-­site so you know if your content is working its hardest.  


  • Top Conversion Path Reports 

See the number of interactions or clicks your users make across different channels and understand which channels work better to convert.  


Convert Your Traffic 

Measurable website stats mean reports that enable you to make informed decisions. We give you invaluable insight that tightens your targeting and reassures you that you’re spending your marketing budget in the right way. And, it means your users find what they’re looking for ­ if they’ve got what they need then, between your hard work and ours, so have we. 


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