Multilingual PPC

New market expansion - no matter how far or wide - opens up a whole new world for paid search marketing. Multilingual PPC management is even more necessary to gain that all-­important ROI.

Multilingual PPC Management


Harnessing the power of the digital world offers limitless opportunities to access new target markets. Expanding your business globally with paid search campaigns means there’s a lot to consider.   


Directly translating your PPC campaigns to different countries will only negatively hit your cost-­per-­clicks and click­-through rate - language, behaviour and search engine cultural differences all ask new questions of your PPC expertise. 


Be an International PPC Expert

Our experts are native linguistic speakers with culturally­-sensitive experience in paid search marketing. We have managed campaigns in a broad range of languages - from French to Arabic. We can help you access the speed and flexibility of paid search and ensure your global business sees a positive ROI.  


Our specialist expertise includes... 


  • Native Linguists 

It’s not as simple as translating campaigns from English. Our native language experts will consider linguistic nuances and behavioural differences that make culture so diverse. 


We tailor keyword research specific to your target market and write local ad copy in the language your new users speak. The right dialect will lead to higher quality scores and more effective campaigns. 


  • Local Search Engines 

Believe it or not, Google doesn’t rule everywhere. We are proficient in other search engines, such as Daum, Naver, Baidu or Yandex, so we can achieve the maximum exposure of your international PPC campaigns. 


  • Paid Social 

The wide reach of major social platforms doesn’t stop in the UK. We tailor targeted paid social campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your audience and drive conversions. 


  • Landing Page Optimisation 

Localisation of your landing pages is essential to ensure content is relevant and suitable for your global audience. 


  • Multilingual PPC Reporting 

We can provide a centralised set of PPC reports for all your global campaigns. Even with multiple countries, you’ll have the ability to compare data and insight for various paid search campaigns no matter where they take place. 


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