Paid Social

Social media offers a vast window of communication. Highly targeted social media PPC campaigns allow for targeted messaging that drives brand awareness and increases conversions.

Paid Social Targets Specific Audiences


Social media uptake has rocketed. People spend more time on social media than anywhere else online - Facebook alone has over a billion users. That’s a vast space to communicate with consumers. ​ Paid social campaigns connect your audience with your brand without relying on keyword searches to do so. 


With social media PPC campaigns, you can target customers demographically - by a specific age-­range with a certain hobby from a certain area. Being highly targeted means ads can be more relevant, you can send different messages for different people and drive conversions. Social ads allow you to increase brand awareness or generate interest in a new product.  


Multi-platforms Create Social Ad Opportunity

We run social media advertising across all major platforms - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. And the good thing is, each platform can target different types of customers in different ways - although it’s a complex mission. 


  • Facebook Advertising 

Different ad formats mean you can use this social media platform for different advertising goals. Drive high engagement with news feed ‘Promoted posts’ or generate conversions for an eCommerce campaign with ‘Multi­format’ ads.  


  • B2B Targeting 

If B2B customers are your target market, you can reach them effectively through LinkedIn, as well as Facebook and Twitter. With targeting options like job title, industry, company size or seniority, your reach can connect you with exactly the right people. 


  • Social PPC Management

To benefit from this expansive audience, we can manage your social media advertising campaigns across various social media platforms. We can meet your business goals with social PPC campaigns and drive positive ROI.  


  • Strategy 

In identifying your business objectives, we help you to realise the right strategy to target your audience effectively. 


  • Building your campaign 

Relevant keywords and optimised ad copy is even more important in social ads. We will extensively research your audience to deliver the right message, driving conversion​ . 


  • Your brand story 

Social media is a personal environment - we make sure we cut through the hard sell ​and provide richer ad formats to engage users within a friendlier context. 


  • Segment your audience 

We can set up your social PPC campaigns to reach your target market in different ways through segmentation. 


  • On-­going optimisation 

Like Google Ads, with paid social ads we continually monitor and test to ensure efficiency - ­measuring engagement, click­t-hrough rate and conversions. Even more so, social ads have a shorter shelf-­life so we can help to recycle them more often.  


  • Reporting 

We monitor every ad campaign we create and monitor the metrics even more so, creating a weekly and monthly report.


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