Penalty Removal

Manual or algorithmic, a dreaded Google Penalty dramatically affects your site’s traffic and conversion rate. Our expertise in the penalty removal process ensures your site doesn’t suffer.

Improve Rankings with Penalty Removal


You may have noticed your site needs a Google Penalty Fix. You may have received manual action warnings from Google on the search console or maybe you’ve had a significant drop in traffic that coincides with a Google SEO update. 


A Google Penalty has a negative impact on your website’s ranking - it directly affects your traffic. Penalty removal might be lengthy - but it’s essential to regaining your organic search without paying for it. 


Manual or Algorithmic Penalty?

Google penalties are based on manual actions or algorithm updates. A breach of set guidelines and the wrath of the Google Web Spam team will enforce a manual penalty. An algorithmic penalty is an automatic consequence of an SEO update, often due to the Google Panda update or the Google Penguin update. 


The Google Penalty Removal Process

Fixing a penalty should be a top priority if you don’t want your business to be penalised in its  search engine rankings. We have the expertise to complete the penalty removal process so you recover your traffic quickly. 


A complex process - here are the steps… 


  • Identify Pentaly Cause   

We identify the cause ­- is it manual or algorithmic. Google will clearly state the reasons if it’s a manual action that has been penalised. If not, we track the drop in traffic against a Google update to highlight an algorithmic penalty.  


  • Full Link & Content Analysis

We’ll complete a full link and content analysis ­- concentrating on active links only. It’s important to identify all backlinks for a full backlink removal. 


  •  Identify Spammy Links

We follow the rules of establishing bad backlinks or spammy links from external sources - low­-quality, low authority and no relevance.   


  • Removal Request

A removal request must then be sent to the website owner or administrator. We send this as a formal request and must be documented accordingly.  


  • Google Disavow Tool  

If backlink removal is ignored or denied, we must use Google’s disavow tool - ­only ever a last resort for removing bad links.   


  • Google Compliance 

We ensure the house is in order and all Google guidelines for best site practice have been met before sending the reconsideration request.  


  • Confirm Removal 

Let’s sit tight and wait for the best result. It can take up to 30 days for the penalty removal to take place. 


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