Website Audits

Your website must be optimised to reach its maximum potential for search engine visibility. Website audits ensure that your website is structurally safe, accessible and technically optimised.

Optimise With Technical SEO Audits 

Testing your website to ensure it’s search engine friendly can drive overall traffic and therefore increase conversions. Website optimisation through an SEO site audit will identify any structural or content related issues with your website.  In doing this, you can establish a better user experience and  ensure that, when Google crawls your site, it gives it a clean bill of health - maximising the organic growth of your website. 


Crawling Your Site

Our technical mechanics (Technical SEO consultants) lift the metaphorical bonnet of your site and check its inner engine ­- we look at the nuts and bolts, the technical architecture, that hold it together to ensure a stable structure. It’s the back end of your site here that’s key to site audits.  


Monthly Audit Report

We'll produce a thorough monthly SEO audit report with actionable outcomes for easy implementation. It can include...  


  • On-­page Optimisation 

We look at all on­page content, including URLs and image details, to ensure all landing pages are optimised for click­-through rate.  


  • Content and Duplicate Content 

We review keyword cannibalisation, homepage and landing page content, content format and copy, establishing important rules for duplicate content. 


  • Site Architecture 

We assess the overall links on a page, reviewing linking structures as well as broken and missing links. 


  • Technical Issues 

We review redirects in place and assess any other technical SEO elements that may hinder indexing, like the use of Flash.  


  • Site Speed 

We look at elements such as page load times and optimising images for the web to ensure your site is running at its fastest. 


  • Mobile 

We assess the architecture of your mobile set-­up, optimising any dynamic content and ensuring the relationship with your desktop site is sufficient. 


  • Analytics 

We review the Google Analytics capacity of your site, assuring it’s set up properly to capture data and insight effectively.


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