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In a digital world, today’s PR has become integrated with social media channels. Inspiring social content is needed to leverage online PR campaigns that will grow your online audience.

Digital PR in a Social World


In the digital world, social media and public relations (PR) are becoming intrinsically linked ­- no longer is the traditional press release and follow-­up call enough to gain coverage. Social media allows us to reach consumers more directly, engaging in individual conversations to reach your PR goals. 


With consumers’ rapidly­-growing urge for inspiring content, a successful PR campaign is now heavily reliant on its ability to convey engaging content that audiences want to talk about online. 


For this reason, social media channels are now imperative to digital PR strategy.  


Be Heard With Online PR

We need to know what audiences are talking about ­- only content that’s relevant to their conversations will gain attention and gain your social media PR campaign coverage. 

 With brand listening, we talk the language of your consumers and, in turn, create compelling content that gets your brand noticed.    


But what are the benefits of social PR? 


  • Natural Backlinks

Gain natural, high quality backlinks from online publications and key influencers to increase search visibility.  


  • Engage & Retain your Audience

Engage your current audience with your social brand, maintain your brand reputation and influence purchase decisions. 


  • Build Brand Advocates

Create brand advocates with influencer outreach and gain endorsements for your brand on notable platforms. 


  • Attract Content Writers

Reach new voices and audiences through trusted journalists and bloggers. 


Effective Influencer Outreach

With strong media relations, we form relationships with the key influencers your audience are listening to and engaging with online, across social media platforms and blogs​ .   

Developing these relationships means we understand what influencers talk about and what makes them share content ­- giving us invaluable insight for successful online PR campaigns. 


Our Digital PR Strategy


  • Audience Insight. ​

Using our expertise, we gain insight from your audience ­- the heart of an effective PR strategy. We get to understand what makes them tick, what content they love and where you need to be to reach them.  


  • Media Relations. ​

We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining good media relations. Understanding which publications and who, we ensure we reach your target audience and gain coverage in the right places.    


  • Reporting. ​

With your business KPIs underpinning our strategy, we report on engagement and growth in social channels, as well as direct revenue created by your online PR campaigns.  


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