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Social media holds huge influence over consumer purchasing and brand perception. Harness this power and use social marketing to engage your audience with content that creates conversation.

Engaging The Social Consumer


The reach of social media channels is unparalleled - Facebook alone has over 1 billion users - offering a huge audience to connect with. With vast quantities of content being shared and consumed every day, its prevalence as a marketing channel is now ingrained in digital marketing strategy.  


Social media activity is about making connections, having conversations and uncovering your brand personality. But it’s not as simple as sending a tweet and seeing engagements.   


Successful social media campaigns need unique, inspiring content ­- content that cuts through the noise and gains attention. Our creative teams have expertise in creating engaging content with compelling ideas that will transport your social campaigns to the next level. 


Social Media Content Gains Traction 

We create blog posts, feature articles, competitions and infographics, social media content campaigns that identify your customer with your brand.  


With social media content, we will...  


  • Target your specific demographic and drive relevant, engaged traffic to your site.  
  • Ignite conversation with engaged fans talking about your brand or business. 
  • Create and nurture relationships with key influencers and bloggers. 
  • Enhance SEO with the creation of quality, natural backlinks.  


The Right Social Media Platform

The words ‘social media’ usually send alarm bells that ring to the sounds of Facebook and Twitter. But that’s not necessarily where your target market are, and so not necessarily the right social media platform for you.  

We tailor your content marketing campaigns to reach the relevant audience for your business, whether it be on LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram. We bring ideas to life and create social content that achieves your business goals ­- whether they’re based around engagements or sales.   


Our Content Marketing Process


  • Strategy   

Effective content curation begins with strategy and effective social strategy begins with your audience - they’re the conversation starters. We focus on community research to enable us to create a content marketing plan that flexes with social trends and conversations.  


  • Design 

Compelling content needs beautiful design that engages your audience’s attention. Well­-designed content delights your user, making it more shareable and, ultimately, more effective. 


  • Promotion 

Social content only performs when it reaches a relevant audience. We target your specific demographic and employ digital PR techniques to ensure your content gets noticed. We nurture relationships with key influencers and bloggers to promote your content campaigns on the right channels. 


  • Results 

We establish metrics based around your business objectives so that we can understand the performance of each content piece. Social media reporting based around your goals means we can measure ROI and understand effectiveness for future activity. 


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