Social Reporting

Inform your future social media campaigns with insight from social media monitoring. Our custom reports and social media analytics will tell you if your content really is king.

Insightful Social Media Analytics 


Your social media content has gained traction, the buzz is happening, engagement is following. But how do you know if it’s successful? The myth that social media marketing cannot be properly measured stays as a tale we don’t tell.    


Using industry social media reporting tools, we can directly measure return on investment based around your KPIs. But not only that. Our expertise in social media analysis means we have tools to create custom reports to find out what you need to know about your content campaigns.  


Tailored Social Media Monitoring

We implement reports based around your social media strategies and goals. Whether followers or retweets are important, understanding the metrics that matter to you allows us to tailor our social media monitoring specifically to your needs. 

If you want to measure weekly stats or a campaign’s start-­to-­finish, we build unique social  analytics to form insight into your social community engagement. 


We look at… 


  • Clicks. ​

Understand if a particular social platform resonates more with your content through click-­rate. Clicks tell you your content has personal relevance with your social users. 


  • Followers. ​

Understand the reach of your content and the popularity of your brand.  


  • Sharing.​  

Understand the scale of exposure your content may get. Whether retweets on Twitter, shares on Facebook or regrams on Instagram, sharing means your content is deemed interesting enough to pass on and therefore whether it has good social relevance.



Custom Social Reports

But just simple follower stats won’t tell you enough. We want to give you insight and confidence in your social campaigns to inform future activity and even activity across other marketing channels. 


Our custom reports include… 


  • Reach Rate 

With this report, we give you insight into the actual reach of your content -­ the percentage of your fans who see your content, regardless of the number of followers you have. 


  • Total Engagement 

Engagement is the overarching metric of social media success. Whether clicks, shares, retweets or likes, we can measure whether your content was a success or not. A high engagement rate means effective social sharing.  


  • Engagement Per Follower 

We can help you see how you might scale your social media activity. Our report will reveal the percentage of your followers that engage, and therefore how your content may grow should you gain more followers.    

Equally useful, this metric allows you to compare engagement across social platforms to understand the efficiency of each social media platform. 


  • Social Referral Traffic 

This report will enable you to understand which channels are most effective for your business, and therefore where to spend your social media budget. We look at which social networks send traffic to your website so you gain an idea of each platform’s impact. 


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