Convergent Campaigns

Multi-­channel, multi­-device ­- your customer is connected. Our converged media strategies align your marketing channels to tell one brand story wherever your customer connects with you.

Integrating Owned, Earned And Paid Media

In today’s interconnected world, where multi­-screening behaviour is becoming second nature, reaching your audience on the right channel at the right time is no easy win. A successful marketing strategy can no longer rely on marketing channels that work in silo.   


Each individual marketing channel has the power to influence the performance of another. That’s why we focus on integrating owned, earned and paid media techniques for a truly multi­-channel approach. Rather than focusing on one media tactic on its own in a linear way, we apply strategy to work with them in synergy.   


The Converged Media Strategy

A customer now has multiple touchpoints on their journey to purchase, with a strong presence both online and offline. But which touchpoint do you target and when? 


With our experience and tools based on research and insight from industry leaders, we take a convergent, integrated approach to digital strategy. We look at the most effective channels for you and where to put your budget - organic, paid or social?   


Based on where your audience are, we deliver plans on how the other channels can feed in, how you can access the ‘micro moments’ that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. 


The benefits of convergent our media strategy… 


  • Spot opportunities faster and capitalise quickly on market change. 
  • Save time and resource with more integrated campaigns. 
  • Save budget with campaigns that overlap and support each other. 
  • Increase reach across more channels with a consistent brand story.  


Our Integrated Approach

We take into account your online AND offline presence and create co-­ordinated strategies and campaigns that tell one brand story - there is only one single customer view. 


Tell One Story with Insight 

You need to be one brand across all owned, earned and paid media so that they simultaneously influence and enhance your brand’s potential for reach.   


Looking deep into your market, digital infrastructure and audience, we develop insight that can inform a custom multi­-channel strategy directly aligned with your business goals.   


Long-­Term Goals 

By looking for synergies, our strategists ensure we plan, implement and integrate digital platforms to deliver a far more effective content approach that amplifies impact more than any singular action. 


We implement integrated plans that enable you to watch your business, and strategy, evolve long-­term.  



Key to an integrated approach is understanding how to budget your time and financial resources. With our testing and reporting of all marketing channels, we enable you to easily gain an overall picture of the value and efficiency of your full marketing mix.  


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