Customer Journeys

A multi­-channel world influences the customer journey dramatically. With our holistic approach, we understand today’s consumer and ensure you connect with your audience at every touchpoint.

The Digital Consumer

The brave new world of integrated digital media is having a huge effect on today’s consumer. Overwhelming access and exposure to products, brands and services means consumers are constantly surrounded by knowledge and information. Not only does this influence their purchasing behaviours and decisions but also the way you reach them. 


Our Holistic Approach 

We pride ourselves in understanding the various touchpoints your customer takes ­- we know that they look to be educated, informed and inspired before they’re convinced to purchase.   


And we know this happens on various digital and non-­digital media channels. As an integrated agency, we take an holistic approach in understanding your audience so that, through your marketing campaigns, you can always be there ­- in the right place at the right time at their point of intent.  


The Multi-Channel Customer Journey 

It’s not just the digital world that influences today’s consumer ­- the offline and online worlds are simultaneously connected, the customer journey has fundamentally changed.    


We make it our job to understand your industry and study how your customer goes from first contact to last purchase - ­ from the ‘zero moment of truth’ to the ‘ultimate moment of truth’.  

Imagine a customer journey with many touchpoints… 


  • They see an advert in print ­- their journey begins. 
  • Whilst travelling home from work, they research the product or service on their mobile. 
  • Watching TV, they use Pinterest for inspiration and find their way to your website for a closer inspection.  
  • On their laptop at work, they head to social media and read reviews on Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Later, they see your banner advert on a related website.  
  • They’re convinced! They return to your website or come instore to make a purchase. 


Our Multi-Channel Promise

There is no longer only one touchpoint. With our approach, we understand you need to be one brand and tell one story. We study how your customer reaches each touchpoint and how best to connect with them.   


With this insight, we deliver you custom marketing strategies and campaigns unique and relevant to your audience - strategy underpinned by marketing channel synergy and campaigns designed to hit your business objectives. 


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