Link Analysis

Google’s algorithms mean hyperlinks are a search engine ranking factor vital to search visibility. Understanding link quality and successful link building are essential to increase traffic.

Revealing Backlink Analysis

In the vast sea of web pages online, links are used as signals to navigate across Google’s search waves. Links are fundamental to Google’s algorithm of search ranking - they’re used as ‘votes’ to determine a web page’s quality, relevancy and popularity. 


Link importance is determined by many factors - how popular the websites are that link back to your site and metrics like trust, spam and authority. Looking at anchor text, TrustRank and link neighbourhoods will all determine how highly a page or website is ranked on search engines.    


The Quality Link Secret

Quality links are essential for high search ranking and gaining traffic. But, what is a quality link? Google’s algorithms deem links like ones from any large, respectable site, such as, as high quality, or links from sites topically relevant to your site.   

To understand the link quality of your site, backlink analysis is essential. We use backlink research tools to ensure the quality links on your website are meeting an increase in search traffic, higher rankings, more frequent search crawling and increases in referring link traffic.  


Our Link Analysis and Link Building


Link Audit 

A review of your site’s current link profile is necessary to uncover any links that could be causing problems now or for the future. Understanding the present quality of inbound and outbound links means any other SEO marketing won’t be affected and your search visibility will profit. 

We check backlinks for… 

  • Anchor text 
  • Domain authority 
  • Diversity of sources 
  • PageRank and TrustRank 
  • Topical relevance   


Link Building 

 A link building campaign should increase referral traffic and drive brand awareness, whilst also improving relevancy for higher search visibility. This needs to be done manually - link earning and content marketing is part of, but not all of, a great link building campaign.   

We only use white-­hat tactics and hand­-pick websites relevant to our client’s business and industry. Relationship building and high quality links are our strategy to assured connections online and more access points to your site. 


Monthly Link Reporting 

To measure the success of our link building campaigns, we provide monthly reporting. We ensure we give full transparency of which sites we have created links on, as well as the quality of these links, on a month-­to­month basis. 

Our reports include... 

  • URL Rating - the quantity and quality measure a link has that signals a given URL.  
  • Referring Content - the measure of traffic generated by a content piece to a given URL based on it’s popularity. 
  • Backlinks - the number of links that signal a URL. 
  • Anchors​ - the anchor text contained within a URL’s backlink. 


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